What's the What




Today, it's about mashing together all these things into improbable hybrids:


--- Classically trained cellist.  Attended Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University - Music composition and recording arts.  Multiple works for chamber groups and orchestra have been produced and performed.


--- Singer-songwriter with rock and folk roots..  Electronica. 

---Cellist in rock band Colorform.


---Solo artist formerly known as "Snazz Mammoth", a Baroque-electro pop project



Also, a longtime educator of music.






Unplanned and in the moment is what I love.   Streets, architecture, and people.   Ruined places.   History.  Frozen moments.  A touch of the surreal. Great love for images wrought by the beautiful mystery of film and vintage cameras.






The vague, ephemeral.  The historical - the ghosts behind the veil of time.  Delving deeply into the intricacies of our physical and cultural world.  Relaying memory and longing.  And sometimes the absurd.  Life runs deep.  Life







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